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Traders Journey
Work Towards Trading Success

Become part of the DND Capital team to begin your trading journey.
Join the live chat room and learn how we trade.
Gain access to our trading platform
Prove you can follow our strategies whilst applying proper risk management, using our paper trading simulator.
Real trading, real money. Your reward? A funded live account ($25,000) with real capital.
Every $1k profit you make, you have the ability to scale up your account. The scaling up process is limitless!

Your Options
What is the cost of joining DND Capital and prop trading with us?

Join our famous online Discord channel. It is here where you get to experience trading live with like minded professional traders every weekday.

Weekday live sessions commence at 14:00 GMT, trade ideas and opportunities are discussed before the open at 14:30.

The cost for joining our stock trading community is only £199.00 per month + a one off fee of £499.00
Get funded right away, select your risk. e.g. £2,500 gets you a $25k trading account.

£1,500 = $15,000
£2,500 = $25,000
£3k = $30,000
£5k = $50,000
£10k = $100,000

A 10% drawdown is in place to protect your capital.